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Learn More about the PX™ 160P

  • TSA Air Cargo qualified
  • Powerful X-ray source provides superior imaging performance and penetration
  • 1219 mm (48”) x 1219 mm (48”) homogeneous skid & smaller cargo screening
  • Dual-energy material discrimination
  • Multi-language support
Well suited for the air cargo market, the PX 160P is TSA Air Cargo qualified for the screening of skids. It is also ideal for organizations that handle high volumes of cargo, palletized freight or large boxed or crated items. The system enables fast, accurate screening of an entire pallet in one efficient operation, making it easier to confirm the contents of a shipment, detect tampering and eliminate security risks. Thanks to a heavy-duty, dual-speed, super silent chain driven conveyor that holds up to 3000 kg (6600 lbs), the PX 160P makes forklift loading easier.

The PX 160P patented user-friendly touchpad operator interface with heads-up display allows operators to efficiently and accurately screen oversized items. Transparent Color® imaging with operator assist detection (OA) capabilities facilitates the rapid detection of multiple threats, including weapons, narcotics, explosives and other contraband.

An optional high-powered X-ray solution offers the highest level of penetration and resolution. The high level of penetration allows the operator to see through denser items, easing analysis of different commodities such as produce, meats, fish, paper, liquids, metals and more. Higher spatial resolution provides the ability to detect difficult items such as fine wires and electronic circuitry. The high-powered X-ray solution allows operators to clear images faster and reduce the number of goods requiring secondary searches.