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  • Comprehensive portfolio to comply with current and emerging regulatory requirements
  • Combination of X-ray scanning and image analysis technologies
  • Large service organization provides 24 hours a day / 7 days a week support

From small airports to large international hubs, implementing the right screening solution means understanding your environment — and what fits you best.

At L-3, our comprehensive portfolio of hold baggage systems include TSA-certified and EU-approved Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) for every throughput class, from the compact eXaminer® SX, to the widely deployed eXaminer® 3DX, the enhanced speed eXaminer® 3DX-ES, and the high-speed eXaminer® XLB.

L-3’s newest addition to our EDS lineup is the TSA-certified and EU-approved, ultra high-speed, dual-energy MV3D®.

We also offer EU Standard 2 approved automated solutions, the VIS-HR™ and multi-view MVT-HR®, which are deployed throughout the world.

With our OptiNet™ networking infrastructure you can link up to 270 network elements (scanners, viewing systems and search workstations) to help clear more bags with less staff.

Comprehensive. Networked. Reliable. Solutions you can count on to keep bags moving to planeside.