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December 19
L-3 eXaminer® 3DX-ES Explosives Detection System Receives New EU Standard 3 CEP Approval

November 17
L-3 Introduces New Dual-View and Large Tunnel X-Ray Systems for Air Cargo Screening

November 4
L-3 Security & Detection Systems Acquires Detector Networks International

October 27
L-3 Security & Detection Systems Receives Order for Its Next-Generation CX-Mobile™ G3 Cargo Inspection System

October 3
L-3 Receives $44.8 Million TSA Order for Its Innovative ProVision® ATD Image-Free Personnel Screening System

August 31
L-3 eXaminer® SX Explosives Detection System Receives New EU Standard 3 CEP Approval

June 15
L-3 Security & Detection Systems Launches Spanish-Language Website

June 1
L-3 Security & Detection Systems’ Multi-View Platform Meets European Requirements for Liquid Explosive Detection Systems at Checkpoints

April 27
Over 100 L-3 VIS-108™ Explosives Detection Systems Upgraded to VIS-HR™ EU Standard 2-Approved Systems

March 29
L-3 Security & Detection Systems OptEX® Explosives Trace Detection System Receives U.K. Department for Transport Approval

March 24
L-3 Security & Detection Systems Supplies Broad Range of Systems to Multiple Latin American Airports

February 9
L-3 eXaminer® XLB Explosives Detection System Receives New EU Standard 3 Approval

January 5
L-3 Offers Broad Portfolio of TSA-Qualified Air Cargo X-Ray Screening Systems

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