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  • Fully automated drive through
  • Supports a range of scanning speeds
  • Backed by an experienced team of trainers and support engineers
L-3’s CX-Portal delivers high-energy cargo screening for security and customs applications while minimizing impact on operations. The CX-Portal offers drive-through convenience with a multi-tier safety system that allows drivers to safely remain in the cab during scans. With a space-efficient design and adjustable scan speed, the system eliminates bottlenecks by scanning vehicles and containers at ports, airports and other high-volume cargo inspection locations.

With dual-energy material discrimination that illustrates organics from inorganic materials and metals, operators can work more efficiently and effectively. The CX-Portal is also highly configurable with a range of energy levels, networking capabilities and menu of optional features. Plus you can count on L-3’s services and support teams to fully integrate the system into your workflow.