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  • Eliminates the need to unpack contents for inspection
  • Configurable pallet inspection system
  • Multiple options for doors, tunnels and conveyors

L-3’s CX-Pallet enables airports and other shipping centers to accelerate screening of consolidated cargo in pallets, crates and ULDs by eliminating the need to unpack cargo for inspection. With optional dual-energy material discrimination that illustrates organics from inorganic materials and metals, operators can work more effectively.

The system is also configurable with a range of energy levels and networking capabilities. A menu of optional features includes a choice of single-view or dual-view imaging and multiple door and tunnel size options.

The flexible CX-Pallet can be configured to suit a range of cargo inspection requirements at land and seaport borders or air cargo facilities. It has proven itself in deployments serving as the primary inspection system or as a secondary screening system to examine alarmed containers more closely.

L-3’s ClearView™ software solution integrates data from a variety of scanning systems onto a single, centralized display. The software is a user-friendly, visually-based solution that allows analysts to quickly assess cargo contents locally or remotely for contraband and other illegal materials. Plus you can count on L-3’s services and support teams to fully integrate the system into your workflow.