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Portal Applications

  • Vehicle and cargo gates
  • Fixed/mobile airport freight cargo and baggage
  • Conveyer belt
  • Pedestrian

The CR-Portal IGC (Isotope Group Classification) gamma/ neutron detection solution is designed for 24/7 monitoring and is best suited as a primary scanner for high-throughput results. It offers intelligent NORM (naturally occurring radioactive materials) discrimination resulting from well-tested isotope group classification algorithms driving advanced, miniaturized DSP-microprocessors at detector-level. These design features and software capabilities provide the best discrimination and identification performance to detect isotopes not normally found in the stream of commerce and produces a very low false alarm rate. Unique to our solution is the ability to categorize the type of man-made radioactive sources (i.e., industrial, medical, Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) or hi- NORM). This categorization makes secondary scanning much easier for the operator.

Optional software algorithms enable the detection of specific radioisotope contaminants on the surface of containers. Our safe portal uses passive radiation detectors and is specifically designed for a wide variety of uses.

L-3’s CR-Portal IGC uses non-Helium-3 (non-He3) neutron detectors and is designed to integrate into secure facilities. It can be used along with other systems, such as our CR-Portal HR (High Resolution). Scan results and State of Health (SOH) information are acquired and processed by the onboard communications system and sent to a Command and Control Station (CCS). Results can be displayed on our ClearView™ Workstation, which consolidates data to create a unified and customized view of the critical information analysts need to assess cargo contents. The CR-Portal IGC is part of a family of platforms that serve the full range of cargo environments and applications.