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Learn More about the eXaminer® XLB

  • TSA certified
  • EU Standard 3 CEP approved
  • Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) certified
  • Throughput up to 1200 BPH
  • Dual-energy CT
  • Meter-wide tunnel
Scanning up to 1200 bags per hour (BPH), the eXaminer XLB is the first certified system to meet the industry’s high-speed EDS classification and achieve EU Standard 3 approval under the Common Evaluation Program of Security Equipment (CEP).
Featuring 3-D Continuous Flow CT technology, the eXaminer XLB scans entire bags and automatically assesses explosive threats. Operators can view high-resolution 3-D images of alarmed bags in their entirety or individual threat objects from any angle to help resolve alarms quickly and confidently.

The eXaminer XLB retains the footprint of the eXaminer® 3DX, allowing for easy installation and integration with current baggage handling systems. Flexible networking options link multiple eXaminer systems of any configuration (SX, 3DX and XLB) with their respective operator and search workstations over a secure network, enabling airports to realize low staffing and operating costs.