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Learn More about the eXaminer® 3DX-ES

  • TSA certified
  • EU Standard 3 CEP approved
  • Highest inline throughput in the medium-speed category — 750 bags per hour
  • Same proven reliability and low false alarm rates delivered by the widely deployed eXaminer 3DX
  • Optional meter-wide tunnel
  • eXaminer 3DX systems can be field-upgraded to the eXaminer 3DX-ES platform
Scanning more than 750 bags per hour (BPH), the TSA-certified and EU CEP approved eXaminer 3DX-ES is the fastest system in the medium-speed class.

The 3DX-ES retains the footprint of the eXaminer 3DX, allowing for easy installation and integration with current baggage handling systems. Flexible networking options link up to 270 network elements — scanners, viewing systems and search workstations — to help clear more bags, enabling airports to realize the lowest possible staffing and operating costs.

Featuring the same industry-leading 3-D Continuous Flow CT technology used throughout the eXaminer family, the eXaminer 3DX-ES quickly and accurately scans entire bags and automatically assesses explosive threats. Operators can view high-resolution 3-D images of alarmed bags in their entirety or individual threat objects from any angle to help resolve alarms quickly and confidently.