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  • EU Standard 2 approved
  • TSA Air Cargo qualified
  • Transport Canada qualified
  • Compatible with existing VIS and MVT-HR matrix installations
  • 12-bag memory per Level 2 workstation / 24-bag memory per Level 3 workstation
  • Programmable operator time-out
The VIS-HR builds on L-3’s technology with advanced explosives detection, clear images and throughput rates up to 1800 bags per hour. This multilevel system makes automated decisions and provides image analysts with the data they need to render Level 2 decisions while continuing to screen luggage without impeding the baggage flow and sortation process. The VIS-HR is the best value choice for space-conscious airport screening operations that need fast, powerful explosives detection.

The VIS-HR is also available as an upgrade package to raise the compliance level of its predecessor, the VIS-108™, from EU Standard 1 to Standard 2. This field installation package entails hardware and software specifically designed to upgrade performance to EU Standard 2 levels. The VIS-108 to VIS-HR upgrade extends the utility of current VIS-108 systems until the expiration of EU Standard 2 in 2018.