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  • High-throughput MMW people screener
  • Integrated walk-through metal detector
  • Checkpoint X-ray system for hand-carried items
The Douglas County Robert A. Christensen Justice Center, located in Castle Rock, Colorado, decided to improve public safety in their courthouse by investing in technologies to better identify a wider range of threats. Of concern were both metallic and non-metallic weapons, drugs, explosives, stolen property and other contraband. The County’s Sheriff Office also wanted to reduce the number of intrusive pat-down searches to make the visitor experience more positive. Ultimately, officers needed to improve security without sacrificing throughput, given that large volumes of people needed access to the courthouse first thing in the morning and after the lunch recess.

L-3 SDS Solution
The checkpoint solution installed at the Christensen Justice Center consists of three modules: the ProVision® Advanced Imaging Technology walk-through portal, the Protocol™ PD 6500i zoned metal detector for identifying threats or contraband concealed on the body and the PX™ 6.4 checkpoint X-ray system for screening hand-carried items.

ProVision and Protocol: High-Throughput People Screening
Using harmless, non-ionizing millimeter wave technology, the ProVision locates weapons, drugs and cleverly hidden contraband made of any conceivable material after a two-second scan. The EU Standard 2 compliant Protocol PD 6500i walk-through metal detector adds yet another layer of advanced material discrimination.

L-3’s checkpoint solution at the Christiansen Justice Center integrated the results from the ProVision and Protocol PD 6500i to give inspectors a comprehensive view of the concealed items and threats identified by both sensors in a single integrated view. Tony Spurlock, undersheriff for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, stated, “We have found that we are able to clear alarms much more effectively, therefore reducing the overall number of pat-down searches. The sensor integration of the ProVision Advanced Imaging Technology and the Protocol metal detector is key in achieving a complete checkpoint security solution.”

PX 6.4 – High-Throughput Checkpoint X-ray System
Utilizing industry-leading X-ray technology, the compact, high-throughput PX 6.4 delivers excellent image quality for the rapid detection of weapons, narcotics, explosives and other contraband hidden in hand-carried items. The PX 6.4 provides an unbeatable combination of maximum detection, high throughput and flexibility. Douglas County also deployed the PX 6.4 as part of the total checkpoint solution to screen carry-on items.