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  • Combination of X-ray scanning and image analysis technologies
  • Examines checked baggage for potential threats and contraband
  • Need for 24 hours 7 days a week support — worldwide

Checked baggage screening is a growing market as airport groups and regulators focus on combating sophisticated and emerging threats. In the U.S., the TSA screens 100% of checked baggage in commercial airports, and in the EU, many airports are moving forward with purchasing EU Standard 3 Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) ahead of the mandated September 2014 deadline. Checked baggage screening involves a combination of X-ray scanning and image analysis technologies, which examine checked baggage for potential threats and contraband like weapons, drugs and explosives. From small airports to large international hubs, implementing the right screening solution means understanding your environment – and what fits your needs best.

L-3 Security & Detection Systems meets the most stringent explosives detection standards of regulatory agencies worldwide and is a leader in full-suite advanced technology/computed tomography (AT/CT) systems, from stand-alone to high-throughput in-line configurations. L-3 SDS has supplied airports from North America to Asia and everywhere in between, having installed close to 2000 in-line, automated, high-throughput checked baggage systems. Its high-speed, dual-energy eXaminer® XLB is the first certified system to meet the industry’s high-speed EDS classification and achieve EU Standard 3 approval under the Common Evaluation Program (CEP) of Security Equipment. The system features 3-D continuous flow CT technology and industry-leading dual-energy imaging that calculates density and effective atomic number in its explosives detection analysis, allowing the eXaminer XLB to quickly and accurately scan entire bags and automatically assess explosives threats. Operators can view high-resolution 3-D images of alarmed bags in their entirety or individual threat objects from any angle to help resolve alarms quickly and confidently.